Bathroom Problem?

Stepping into the shower and discovering there’s no hot water can be a very nasty shock. At UK Plumbing, we believe that no one should ever have to have this experience.

That’s why we provide a complete range of expert services to keep your water heater performing its best and delivering a reliable, energy-efficient supply of hot water. From installation to repairs and maintenance, we handle it all.

We carry out the whole range of plumbing works:


  • Installation of new water mains
  • Cold water tanks installation
  • Replacing ball valves
  • Replacing all washers
  • Servicing, replacing and repairing all types of taps
  • Shower valve repairs







Why Choose Our Services

We Guarantee Not Too Let You Down.



Most people don’t think much about their plumbing until it breaks or has a problem. At UK Plumbing Service, we can provide the expert service you need to go back to blissful ignorance about the state of your plumbing.


Our services are highly reliable and we take pride in solving all your plumbing problems for you in a fast and affordable manner. Call us today to get friendly & courteous expert assistance with any of the following core plumbing services:


We offer the complete domestic range from a single combi boiler in a small flat, multi bedroom house with multiple boilers and cylinders.


  • Breakdowns
  • Maintenance
  • Complete heating systems
  • Boiler replacement
  • Un-vented and regular hot water cylinders
  • Under floor heating
  • Flushing heating system



No matter what kind of drain may be clogged in your home or business, UK Plumbing can clear it.

  • Waft discharge pipes
  • Discharge stack system
  • Branch discharge
  • Air admittance valve
  • Trap seals

Boiler Maintenance

Regular maintenance for your water heater is very important. Getting a tune-up and inspection for your water heater will not only improve its performance and efficiency but also help to head off potential disasters such as a tank or water line failure. Some of the services included in our water heater maintenance visits include:


Leakage Problems?


Have you sprung a leak at home or at work in London?

Has that dripping tap finally burst and is pouring water down the drain?

Has the ball-cock got stuck in the lavatory cistern?

Has the cold weather caused an un-lagged water pipe to burst?

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